Anyone facing criminal charges is facing a serious situation with the potential of long-lasting, lifetime results.

If you are arrested and charged with a crime, it is natural to try to defend yourself at that time. Yet criminal defense lawyers advise against this since you could inadvertently impair your own defense.

No matter what criminal charges have been filed, follow the advice of experienced criminal defense attorneys by avoiding these 6 mistakes.

1. Do Not Wait to Hire an Attorney

Criminal defense lawyers find that the biggest mistake you could make when facing criminal charges is waiting to hire an attorney.

No matter how minor a case may seem, anything involving criminal charges requires the experienced legal assistance of criminal defense attorneys who can help clear your name.

Before talking to anyone, retain a lawyer to speak for you.

2. Don't Provide Evidence

When you are initially accused of a crime, you will be asked many questions by law enforcement or asked for evidence in other ways.

You also have Constitutional rights that allow you to remain silent until you can speak with criminal defense lawyers to represent you.

These rights protect  you from unlawful search or seizure.

Avoid volunteering any evidence by permitting a search of your property, providing any samples, or making any statements without discussing your case with a lawyer.

Instead politely decline, citing your Constitutional rights until you can obtain criminal defense lawyers to help.

3. Don't Resist Arrest

Attempting to resist arrest can only damage your defense and result in additional charges.

If you are arrested, your best option is to go obediently with police officers while maintaining your right to remain silent.

Avoid providing evidence at the scene; contact an attorney right away.

4. Don't Contact A Witness

With any criminal case, it is illegal for you to have any contact with a witness, even if your intentions are good.

This is considered witness tampering and could harm your defense or result in additional charges.

Avoid speaking to anyone other than your criminal defense attorneys about your case.

5. Don't Post on Social Media

As tempting as it may be to vent about your situation to friends and family on social media, criminal defense lawyers advise to avoid doing so.

In fact, the recommendation is that you avoid using social media at all.

Anything you post, whether related to your charges or simply displaying an opinion on something unrelated, can affect your defense.

Prosecutors can use your social posts, comments, and any other interactions to build a case against you.

6. Don’t Hide Information From Your Attorney

No matter what actually happened, tell your attorney everything.

The only way that criminal defense lawyers can properly defend you is if they know all the details and facts.

Final Thoughts on Criminal Charges

Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean you are automatically guilty.

Let your criminal defense attorneys handle your defense and seek a reasonable outcome.

Start out by avoiding these 6 common mistakes that can damage your defense. If you are arrested, contact a lawyer right away!

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