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Sometimes, it is unlikely for even the best criminal defense attorney to get a complete dismissal of all charges, leaving only two options – take a plea bargain or go to trial. This is a decision to be made by the client in close consultation with the attorney.

For most cases where the goal of criminal defense lawyers is a complete dismissal and the prosecutor is unwilling to dismiss the charges, the choice is clear – the only option is to win at trial. Every criminal trial is different and winning a case takes a different, unique approach every time.

If you’re facing a trial, you want to have a strong, experienced, criminal defense trial attorney on your side.

The Importance Of Knowing The Law

As a criminal defense lawyer, I know that winning a jury trial is more about knowing and relating to people than it is about knowing the law. Jurors are usually not lawyers or judges. They are people from our community: teachers, students, parents, and grandparents. They have their own opinions and beliefs about crime and punishment.

You not only have to convince these people that what you’re saying is legally right; you have to convince these people that they can trust you and believe what you say.

How To Connect With Jurors

There are many books directed to criminal defense lawyers about how to connect with jurors. In reality, there is only one way to get good at it – practice. If you’re in a criminal jury trial facing a jury that has your fate in their hands, you want criminal defense attorneys by your side with experience.

You should know how many trials your attorney has participated in before you go to trial with them. You want someone who can tell your story to the jury in a way they would hear it from someone they trust. There are different ways to do this and every attorney’s style is different. It still all comes down to experience.

Being able to do this effectively is only as good as the defense you are presenting. Your defense should boil down to one sentence at the most: “My client is innocent” or “My client did what anyone here would do and that is not a crime.”

You and your criminal defense lawyer should sit down before the trial begins and agree on the strongest defense to present to the jury. Consider every question that needs to be asked or evidence to be presented, all of which should point back to that central point every time.

If you are facing a jury trial, you must make sure that you have a strong, experienced, effective criminal defense attorney by your side.

By Gustavo D. Elizondo III, Attorney at Law

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