Child custody can be a complicated topic, especially when parents are not able to easily accommodate prescribed visitation schedules. In these cases, a child custody attorney or divorce lawyer may suggest virtual visitation as an option. This has become an acceptable way for parents to get much needed visitation with their children, even if they cannot actually be present with them. With the many options now available, parents can readily maintain relationships with children, making things easier for everyone involved.

What Is Virtual Visitation?

Virtual visitation is basically visiting with children via some electronic means. Virtual visitation provides an important alternative so parents can stay in touch with their children, even when it is difficult for them to actually be present for physical visitation. It is especially useful for divorced parents living out of state, enlisted and deployed parents, and others that cannot keep a regular visitation schedule for any reason. Acceptable methods of virtual visitation include phone calls, video chatting, instant messaging, text messaging, and email.

Virtual Visitation and Custody Orders

Due to the amount of children who are growing up separated from at least one parent, virtual visitation has been adopted as an approved method for non-custodial parents to stay in contact with their children. It provides a reliable and safe way for parents to communicate with their kids of all ages, helping to maintain parent-child relationships. Methods such as email and text also offer a degree of privacy between parents and older children, which children appreciate as well. Virtual visitation does not need to be approved by the court and may be suggested by a divorce lawyer while working out custody orders; it can be written into custody orders if necessary.

Agreeing on Virtual Visitation

Although virtual visitation does not need to be court ordered, it is still important for parents to agree on it. Parents should discuss the various methods of communication to be used with their divorce attorneys, how often, and any other concerns to come up with an agreeable plan. Most parents have little problem coming to agreement on something like virtual visitation, since it alleviates the important problem of the non-custodial parent getting enough visitation time with their child. If there is disagreement about this, virtual visitation schedules can be written into custody orders during the divorce process to prevent any future issues and discourage the custodial parent from interfering with this important option for non-custodial parents.

Modern technology helps people in amazing new ways every day. With the continued improvement of Internet technology, non-custodial parents now have the important option of virtual visitation to stay in contact with their children. For more information on virtual visitation, and implementing it as part of current custody and visitation orders, it is recommended that parents speak to their divorce attorney or child custody attorney!

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