Of all the people affected by a divorce, it can be the children who are affected the most.

Child custody lawyers find that in all too many instances, a divorce frequently puts an unfair emotional burden on children whose lives are suddenly upended by the breakup of their family.

When effectively planned with the assistance of an experienced custody attorney, nesting can be a favorable solution for many co-parenting couples looking to minimize the stress on their children after a divorce.

It’s a creative idea that has many advantages as long as parents are aware of the potential challenges it has as well.

What Is Nesting?

Nesting or bird nesting is a child custody arrangement that allows children to remain in one home all the time while the divorced parents switch in and out for their visitation time.

It’s an agreement that child custody attorneys find to be helpful in families where ex-spouses maintain an amicable relationship after their divorce and are willing to collaborate and put the needs of their children ahead of their own.

It can make co-parenting less stressful on everyone as long as the arrangement is well-planned and the parents work together on any parenting or divorce issues that may arise.

What Is the Benefit of Nesting In Raising Kids After Divorce?

The advantage of arranging a nesting agreement with the help of a knowledgeable custody lawyer is that it allows children of divorce to continue to live as close to a normal life as possible.

The children can stay in their same schools and home where they feel secure and comfortable, maintain the same daily routines, and avoid the stress of constantly being shuffled from one home to the other for visitation time with their parents.

Planned out successfully with child custody lawyers to address all custody and divorce concerns, it’s a positive method for co-parenting that focuses on the well-being of the children.

The arrangement can reduce negative effects like anxiety, confusion, and a lack of belonging that constant shuffling between households can generate.

What Are Some Challenges Seen With Nesting?

Though nesting is a great idea for many families, child custody attorneys do stress that it does present some challenges for parents, the biggest one usually being finances and how to handle them.

Getting divorced usually requires couples to divide their finances; however, a successful nesting arrangement may involve parents maintaining a joint account from which their children's residence and expenses are paid.

Needless to say, paying for three residences can be a significant monetary strain for many couples and some creative financial planning is definitely necessary.

Some courts may not recognize their set-up as a divorce if couples are in a nesting arrangement for their children, so it’s critical to inquire if it would even be an option.

Further discussion with custody attorneys familiar with the legal ins-and-outs of the arrangement is warranted.

For a nesting arrangement to work, it’s critical that ex-spouses and their lawyers work out a plan that outlines the goals of the arrangement, a protocol for handling custody and child care issues, and an exit plan of when and how the arrangement should be discontinued.

Everything from financial problems to household rules should be discussed, agreed upon, and observed to prevent concerns that could strain the arrangement.

Discuss Nesting Concerns with A Child Custody Lawyer

Nesting is a method of co-parenting that child custody lawyers find to be a favorable solution for many divorced parents who have the means and willingness to make it work.

It supports the needs of the children first while also giving both parents their required visitation time, all in an environment that’s more comfortable for the kids.

There are some disadvantages that must be identified and discussed with an attorney to ensure this agreement will work for a divorced couple, yet the benefits are great for parents able to work it out!

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