As any divorce lawyer in Texas can tell you, every divorce for every couple is different.

Some are uncontested and amicable, conditions that lawyers know can promote a quick and easy process while others may be more challenging, especially if the divorce is contested, there are children involved, or other complex details must be worked out.

No matter how fast or slow the process becomes or how challenging decision making may be, it’s important to keep in mind the three main goals of every divorce so it can be considered complete.

When couples who are divorcing keep in mind these three end goals and how to achieve them, many divorce attorneys find that the process can be navigated more easily.

1. Legal Termination of the Marriage

Terminating a marriage involves more than just saying you’re no longer married for it to be legal.

It’s essential to go through the full marriage termination process with a divorce lawyer to ensure that you and your spouse are legally divorced as failing to do so could create problems later on.

When you end marriage with a legal divorce, you gain the right to marry someone else plus spouses are no longer legally bound to each other, something that matters greatly with regard to finances, conduct, and other legal matters.

2. Legal Division of Marital Property

Dividing up marital property can be one of the more challenging and time-consuming parts of getting a divorce.

If it’s not done correctly with a divorce attorney who is well informed on how it must be done, you could again face problems in the future especially with regard to investments and retirement funds.

Properly dividing up debt is another concern that must be handled during the divorce process to be certain to take on your fair share of any marital debt without being saddled with what should be assigned to your spouse.

The legal dispersal of marital property removes the possibility of claims against that property which could lead to disagreements between you and your spouse.

3. Court-Approved Child Custody and Visitation Order

Even more complex than the division of marital property is the custody order when a divorce involves children.

In order to present a valid custody plan that caters to both parents preferences that is filed with the family court in hopes it will be approved as written, that plan must be developed with the assistance of a child custody lawyer so it meets all state requirements on visitation, conservatorship, and anything else that is required.

To promote amicable co-parenting, parents must work together to come up with a plan made with the best interest of their children in mind that also works for each of them.

When parents can’t agree on child custody and visitation concerns, the issuance of a custody order may take longer which will delay the final step in the divorce process.

Moving On From Divorce

Though getting a divorce is not something that most people go into a marriage thinking about, it’s important to know that working with the right divorce lawyer can allow you to move on and build a happy new life for yourself.

The key to reaching this point is properly handling the three main concerns that will bring your relationship to a fair and legal ending.

With the guidance of a skilled Texas divorce attorney and child custody lawyer, you can move ahead in confidence to re-establish yourself, leaving past relationship worries behind!

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