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Social media presents a unique element for divorce lawyers to deal with when helping clients work through divorce proceedings. Although Facebook has become one of the main ways for people to stay in contact today, divorce attorneys warn about its use, recommending that clients tread very cautiously on this site or even deactivate their accounts.

Why? Because Texas divorce lawyers know that what gets said on Facebook can harm your divorce case in many ways, even affect child custody rulings.

Using Facebook Can Affect Your Divorce

When working with divorce attorneys, you need to understand the many ways that using Facebook can affect the outcome of your case. It is very easy to "over share" information with others that may not seem harmful to you and yet could be detrimental to your case. Spouses frequently stalk each other, looking for any tidbit of information that can be used against the other spouse. It is impossible to control comments made and information shared by others, adding to Facebook concerns.

Most significant is the fact that Texas divorce attorneys can demand a copy of your Facebook history as part of the discovery process during your divorce proceedings. This is usually done in search of evidence that can be used against you to prove unfaithfulness, unfitness as a parent, or just to uncover anything negative that you have said about your spouse in the hopes of swaying the judge. Many divorce lawyers recommend deactivating your account during divorce proceedings for this very reason.

Using Facebook During Emotional Times

Besides the concerns mentioned above, divorce attorneys suggest that using Facebook while you are terminating your marriage can also be emotionally upsetting. If you have family photos posted, seeing those again can be painful. Venting on your timeline may feel good at the time; however, your followers may not know how to react or even if they should. A lack of public response can also be upsetting, adding to already overcharged emotions.

The same can be said for seeing photos and posts from friends talking about their own families. Sharing too much information on other people’s posts is very easy to do when you are upset. At a time when your emotions are already likely to be high, all of this can make the divorce process even harder.

Facebook And Future Relationships

Texas divorce lawyers also warn that Facebook can offer temptation in the form of friends who could become more than friends at a time when you are most vulnerable. Extramarital relationships before the marriage has actually been ended are highly frowned upon, especially when children are involved.

Should you avoid Facebook altogether? Divorce lawyers suggest it depends on everything from who is on your friend list and how well you are able to control what you post to the circumstances surrounding your split. If there is any concern over what could be found in your history, your ability to post benign items, or whether your ex-spouse may be seeking ways to affect your reputation, your Texas divorce attorneys may recommend that you deactivate or delete your account.

At the very least, avoiding Facebook for a while could make it easier on you emotionally. If you have a Facebook account, discuss its use with your divorce attorney to avoid making mistakes that could negatively impact your divorce!

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