The best Texas divorce is a fast one if it’s possible, any divorce lawyer will agree.

Whether or not it’s possible for you depends on a few important factors that can affect the timeline by making the process lengthier and more complex.

Still, all couples seeking a fast easy marriage termination must understand that no divorce happens overnight.

Regardless of how simple it may seem, divorce attorneys will advise you that the process will always take some time.

Texas Divorce in 60 Days

For you're seeking a fast and easy divorce in Texas, one can be filed and finalized in 60 days as long as there are no issues to slow the process down.

Couples who already know ahead of time how they want to divide their marital property and have worked with divorce lawyers to resolve all other essential questions and decisions can be divorced after that mandatory waiting period.

Yet it is important to note that this does not guarantee your divorce will be finalized on the 61st day, only that it can’t be approved except in a very few special circumstances before the 60 days have passed.

If you want to improve the chances that your divorce will be approved, work with an experienced divorce attorney, a professional who can help you present an approvable plan that won’t require any additional consideration by the family court.

What Could Slow Down the Process?

To achieve a successful divorce as close to those 60 days as possible, you need to be aware of the things that could slow the process down and work through them with a knowledgeable lawyer prior to filing the petition for the divorce:

  • Jurisdiction - At least one spouse must have been a resident of the state for a minimum of six month, and the filing spouse must be a resident of their county for at least 90 days, which if not met would mean the ;filing would be delayed.
  • Giving Legal Notice - As a filing spouse, you must give legal notice to your spouse by a Waiver of Citation or Service of Citation. A legal notice must be signed or served after the petition for divorce is filed by the divorce lawyer to get the process started.
  • Contesting - If your spouse is unwilling to sign a Waiver to allow the process to move ahead or contest the divorce in any way, you both will usually need to hire attorneys to help negotiate the divorce and its terms.
  • Complicated Financial or Property Concerns - Even when you are in full agreement and willing to work together, complicated division of marital property may slow the process down if it ends up involving a hearing in front of the family court.
  • Children in the Marriage - Custody concerns and decisions will commonly slow down the divorce process while you and your spouse work with your attorneys, develop a feasible custody and visitation policy that meets all state requirements, and then have it approved by the court.\
  • Cooperation - If there is a lack of cooperation from either you or your spouse on any topic, finalizing the divorce could become harder to do and take longer than the required 60-day waiting period.

Experienced Divorce Lawyers Can Help

The bottom line in any Texas divorce is that the more complicated it becomes, the more likely it is that it will take longer to work it out to everyone’s agreement.

The best way to get a fast divorce decree at or around the required 60-day mandatory waiting period is to work with an experienced divorce lawyer who already knows where the biggest challenges lie and how to most efficiently deal with them.

In doing so, couples will have the most favorable chance to present a viable settlement with the greatest chance for approval by the court.

A skilled divorce attorney can be instrumental in help you end your marriage on the best possible terms while fulfilling all legal requirements so you can move on as quickly as possible!

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