Divorce lawyers understand quite well that dissolving a marriage can turn your life upside down, no matter how well prepared you may think you are.

Not only can a divorce cause extreme stress that may affect your emotional and physical health, all that stress can affect how well you can do your job.

If you are dealing with a divorce, consider these tips from experienced divorce attorneys on how to get through it without your job suffering.

Avoiding problems at work during this emotional time will lessen the burden that divorcing may put on you.

1. Discuss It With Your Supervisor

If you have a good relationship with your supervisor or HR, discuss the fact that you are in the middle of a divorce and stress the fact that you are taking necessary steps to keep up your productivity.

Seek their understanding but make it clear that they can still depend on you to do your job.

2. Take A Few Days Off If Necessary

When the stress or emotions become too heavy during the divorcee process or if something significant happens during the proceedings, divorce lawyers recommend you take some time off to give yourself time to process it all.

A few low-stress days to come to terms with things, make plans, or even meet with your attorney will be much better spent than if you end up distracted at work and unable to do your job.

3. Avoid Telling Too Many People

Though it’s tempting to seek sympathy from others, divorce lawyers strongly suggest that you avoid telling your co-workers about what is happening.

You don’t want to be constantly asked about how things are going for you nor do you want to end up the topic of gossipy office chatter.

4. Focus On Your Work and Projects

The best way to avoid stressing about your divorce is to occupy your mind with other things.

Focus on your work and doing the best job you can; concentrate on your regular tasks or a new project that can keep you distracted plus show your employer that you are keeping up in spite of what is happening in your personal life.

5. Avoid Discussing the Divorce During the Work Day

While you may need to communicate with your divorce attorney via phone or email sometimes, do your best to limit talking about the divorce throughout the workday, especially when it comes to communicating with your ex.

Handle calls and emails on your breaks when you’re off the clock and avoid getting into discussions with your ex that can affect focusing on your work.

6. Be Mindful Of Your Emotions

Divorce can bring out some strong emotions that might inadvertently affect your dealings with other people.

Be mindful of your anger when dealing with other people and do your best to contain sadness and depression as well so you can better concentrate and keep a positive relationship with your co-workers.

7. Practice Self Care During This Difficult Time

All of that control and containment of emotions can take its toll on you, so be sure you are practicing self-care while focusing on your job during the day.

Take a walk during the workday if you need a few minutes away from everything to think.

A day off when you need a break is good, as is practicing healthy relaxation techniques and treating yourself special when you need it.

Seeing a therapist can also be helpful for good self-care and learning how to deal with the stress and emotions of divorce while maintaining your job throughout the process.

Divorce Does Not Have To Affect Your Job

As difficult as getting a divorce may be, there are ways you can keep things under control so it does not affect your job also.

Divorce lawyers find that with the right mindset for reducing stress triggers and practicing self-care when you need it, you can get through a divorce more easily while remaining a productive and valuable employee!

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