As a Divorce Attorney, I frequently handle cases involving persons who were married outside of the state of Texas. The Texas Family Code Section 1.103 makes clear that the laws of the state of Texas apply to persons married elsewhere but who are domiciled in the State of Texas.

To be domiciled in Texas, you have to have made the conscious decision to have Texas be your home state. The Family Code will further require that you have lived in Texas for at least six months in order for Texas to exercise jurisdiction over your divorce.

Divorce Attorneys in Brownsville, Texas frequently handle divorces for persons who were married in other states or even other countries. The key word is “domicile.” Proof that a person is domiciled in Texas can include school records, house bills, a home purchase or lease agreement, and testimony form witnesses. It is advisable that you seek the assistance of a divorce attorney if you were married outside of Texas and are seeking a divorce in the state of Texas.

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