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Divorce is not pleasant; however, going through a divorce does not have to turn into a disaster. Divorce attorneys do their best to guide clients toward the most civil divorce possible. Yet it is how each spouse interacts with the other and their lawyers throughout this process that makes all the difference. For the most amicable divorce and new horizons, a couple should consider the three goals of a healthy divorce and how to accomplish this with the assistance of experienced divorce lawyers.

A Legal Ending to the Marriage

A divorce is a legal ending to a marriage. Yet obtaining a divorce requires spouses to come together one last time to work with divorce attorneys so that all details required to actually end the marriage are properly handled. The only way this can be accomplished is when couples realize that they must act civilly toward each other and their lawyer in determining a plan that will allow the divorce to take place with as little disruption to each other's lives as possible. Until a divorce is final, a couple is still a couple. Their divorce is the last important group of decisions they will make as a couple. Without an agreement by both spouses, nothing can progress except to prepare for a trial.

The Economic Separation of the Marriage

Once couples agree to work together as a couple until the divorce is final, the next consideration is the division of finances and property. This can be an extremely stressful part of many divorces, especially when children are involved; yet it is an essential part of every divorce. Once again, couples must be able to get through this step before their divorce can be granted. They must be able to put anger aside and think rationally about how these steps can be most easily accomplished so each of them can move on to a new life. Each spouse must be willing to compromise and take suggestions from their divorce lawyers, who are experienced with many different types of negotiations. Once a couple has successfully negotiated their finances and marital property, the divorce can progress to the final step.

Emotional Separation of the Couple

The emotional separation of a couple is the final step; it is the acknowledgement that once all negotiations and agreements are completed, the couple will no longer be a couple. This is an essential part of every healthy divorce; it is the part that allows both spouses to move on happily in their lives. Without an eventual emotional separation, spouses position themselves to continue to suffer, rather than stepping forward to new things.

An emotional separation is something spouses should begin preparing themselves for throughout the entire divorce process.  This final separation is what allows a couple to part and continue to remain cordial, rather than continuing to deal with emotions associated with a failed marriage. Grieving a lost marriage is normal; so is letting go. In doing so, a divorced couple can share parenting duties or even remain friends, leaving behind the negative emotions of the past. Stepping forward with a positive view of the future will help protect new relationships, rather than subjecting them to the baggage of old ones.

This may be a more abstract look at divorce; however, from the point of view of divorce attorneys, these basic ideas are essential to a healthy divorce. Divorce is something that two people engage in, something a couple must negotiate and finalize together with the guidance of helpful divorce lawyers. By keeping these things in mind,a divorcing couple and their lawyers can achieve positive results!

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