The process of divorce can be challenging for all involved. Traditionally, it involves a divorce lawyer, courtrooms – and expenses that can really escalate. In circumstances where couples feel they can work constructively toward divorce in a less formal, more personal setting, collaborative law divorce may be the perfect solution. Collaborative law allows couples to work with a lawyer acting as a legal counselor who will help them work out more favorable divorce terms in ways that take into consideration specific circumstances. This is a more amicable approach to divorce that can help couples and families separate on better terms, without encountering a great deal of cost.

What Is Divorce By Collaborative Law?

According to a divorce attorney, divorce by collaborative law is an alternative that can be chosen to provide couples with a way to divorce outside of the courtroom as well as take a more active role in planning and defining their divorce. A lawyer who handles divorce advises that this is a good answer for couples who are willing to work jointly with legal professionals to resolve pertinent concerns – such as finances, assets, parenting, and other concerns – to the best advantage of both parties. In a collaborative divorce, the emphasis is on creating solutions that favor everyone, rather than being told what to do by the courts. When necessary, conflict resolution is aided as well with the help of lawyers, mental health professionals, and other experts.

The Benefits of Collaborative Law Divorce

Because there a trial is not planned and all negotiation takes place between the couple and their chosen collaborative law legal team, a divorce lawyer says couples have more control over the process and more room to negotiate and problem solve. Parties are not forced into an agreement; they create one both welcome, making compliance and acceptance much easier. Communication is key and resolutions for the long-term are encouraged. The entire process becomes an individual one based on each couple and their unique needs and concerns, with suitable solutions that avoid causing friction between involved parties.

Collaborative Law Divorce and Families

One of the concerns with any divorce litigation, particularly when children are involved, is how difficult the process is on the children. Frequent and formal meetings with an attorney, appearing in court, and many other parts of the process create stress and resentment between parents and directly affect children as well.

With collaborative law, almost every divorce lawyer says the process is much more relaxed and family-friendly. Meetings with an individual attorney and joint divorce teams are conveniently scheduled to not disrupt everyday life. Negotiations are more amicable and most importantly – are confidential. The entire atmosphere during a meeting is one that encourages parents to work together, create a positive situation for their children by respecting each other, avoid arguments, and remain on a prescribed path to achieve only positive goals. This is well-suited for parents looking at a co-parenting situation, helping them to plan and agree as necessary.

Almost every lawyer agrees that divorce through collaborative law is a respectful, positive way for a couple to end their marriage without causing each other hardships, argumentative confrontations, and having the court system ultimately to making decisions for them. Working with a divorce lawyer experienced in collaborative law is the best way to obtain positive results through a specific process, which starts with the selection of the right collaborative law divorce team to handle the detail!

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