Being arrested and accused of a crime is a serious offense. Whether guilty or not, finding the best criminal defense attorney is a priority. Depending on the charges being faced, the punishment could be severe; accused individuals need to find a skilled criminal defense attorney who specializes in this area of the law. Although public defenders are available for those who cannot afford an attorney, anyone facing criminal charges should attempt to hire the best attorney possible, one who can devote the time necessary for a successful verdict.

When charges have been filed or not, finding the best lawyer possible should be done as quickly as possible in order to have the correct legal advice from the time legal proceedings have begun. Searching for the right counsel can begin online, through yellow page and local directory listings of a criminal defense attorney. When located, the task becomes screening to find the right attorney for the accused crime.

Credentials, Experience and Results

Depending on the criminal accusations that have been made, it would be wise to seek an attorney with experience in similar types of cases. Although all criminal defense attorneys can represent a person accused of a crime, knowing that this lawyer has received desirable verdicts in similar cases is important. Determine how long the attorney has been practicing criminal defense law, how many cases have been tried, how many favorable results have been received, and how much of the practice is devoted to similar cases. If specialization in a particular area of defense is claimed, confirm if that lawyer is State Bar Certified in that exact area.

A client should check online for any available information about local cases, any articles or opinions an attorney has written, and other details that could help decide which lawyer is the best one for the case. Check the American Bar Association’s website for information and ask if the attorney is a member of any local bar associations. Be sure the gathered information supports all claimed legal experience and results as well as an appearance of good standing in the legal and local community.


Once a candidate has been found, set up an in-person consultation with the attorney to meet and discuss the case in more detail. Good communication between attorney and client is critical in criminal cases and will help move the case along more smoothly. Ask about views on plea bargains and acquittals and if they are prepared to go to trial if necessary. If client and attorney remain in agreement at this point, then fees and any other contractual details should be discussed.

In order for an attorney to be the best choice for an accused, both parties need to be in agreement on how to proceed with the case and what the desired results should be. Selecting an attorney with experience in similar cases who can immediately provide the necessary attention and preparation for such a case is essential. Through good research and asking the right questions, someone accused of a crime should be able to find the right attorney to represent their case.

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