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The practice of law along the international border between the United States and Mexico presents challenges to any attorney in Brownsville Texas. Almost every type of legal need can be complicated by people, places, or property on both sides of the border. What are some of the issues that can arise to make legal handling difficult under such circumstances?

  • Most drug possession charges!
  • Family law issues with people and property on both sides of the border!
  • Civil lawsuits including business disputes, contract disputes, and personal injury!

Practicing law along the Mexico border by a Brownsville attorney takes a lawyer who knows how to handle legal complexities on the border

You will find an experienced attorney born and raised in the Brownsville area in Reynaldo Garza, III – call his firm at (956) 202-0067 to find the exact legal experience that you need!

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Attorney in Brownsville TX FAQ’s:

I was found with marijuana when I crossed the border – what should I do?

You need the help of an attorney in Brownsville TX experienced in dealing with local, state, and federal drug agency prosecutions. The exact facts of the charges will be important in determining how your case will be handled and hopefully resolved.

How does it work if I divorce and my spouse who lives in Mexico wants custody of the children?

Working family issues across international borders will take some dedicated work – and determination to work with your spouse in the best interests of the children; you need a good family law attorney.

Do I need to file a civil lawsuit if someone has breached a contract?

There are alternatives to filing a civil lawsuit; but generally speaking, if someone has violated  contract and refuses to pay your losses, the only way to recover might very well be filing a civil lawsuit.

Why should I choose Reynaldo Garza, III to handle my legal problems?

The help of an experienced Brownsville TX attorney who has always lived in the Brownsville area is invaluable – and that is what you will find with Reynaldo Garza, III. He continues his family legacy of legal excellence for all South Texas area residents!

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