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Semi truck accidents are some of the most dangerous traffic accidents that occur on the roadways today. Commercial truck accidents are also very different than other personal injury or auto crash cases. They frequently result in serious, sometimes fatal injuries. Survivors may suffer brain injuries, paralysis, loss of limbs, and other severe injuries that can alter their lives forever.

Due to the complexity of these cases, truck accident attorneys must be experienced in handling negotiations and litigation, if necessary. Researching the many commercial truck regulations that may be involved as well as determining all of the possible responsible parties makes handling 18 wheeler accident cases very challenging.

The attorneys who represent clients injured in big rig accidents must thoroughly understand commercial carrier regulations, know how to discover all responsible parties, and understand how to use forensics to determine semi truck accident causation in order to seek just compensation for their clients.

Reynaldo Garza, III know that those injured in serious truck crashes rely on their attorneys to wade through all the complex details and hold responsible parties accountable. Whether the cause is driver error, mechanical failure, or commercial company risk prevention neglect, Reynaldo Garza, III will seek to uncover the truth and negotiate a fair settlement for their clients. Although mediation would be preferred, these commercial truck accident attorneys are prepared to proceed with litigation if necessary.

If you are the victim of any type of trucking accident, contact the attorneys with Reynaldo Garza, III and set up an appointment to discuss the specific circumstances of your case!


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