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Motor vehicle accidents happen in many ways. From traffic collisions involving cars or motorcycles to trucking accidents and more, people are seriously injured every day operating different motor vehicles.

These accidents can result in injuries that require extensive ongoing care, sometimes for the rest of a person’s life.

When you are injured in motor vehicle wrecks through no fault of your own, it can be hard to prove negligence, especially when dealing with insurance companies that will try to argue fault.

These are times when injured victims need the assistance of motor vehicle accident lawyers who can represent them in negotiations regarding their injury claim.

The attorneys at Reynaldo Garza, III know that motor vehicle accidents can leave you having to deal with costly medical bills, extensive rehabilitation, as well as pain and suffering; you may even lose your ability to earn an income.

These experienced lawyers will fight for your rights with those responsible in order to obtain a fair settlement and have your physical and financial needs taken care of.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact the offices of Reynaldo Garza, III to discover how we can help you or a family member be fairly compensated for injuries you sustained in a motor vehicle accident!


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