Nursing Malpractice

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Nurses are responsible for monitoring their patients and providing the care prescribed by medical doctors. Nursing professionals are expected to monitor vital signs, administer treatments, assist patients when required, and be their patients’ point of contact within a hospital or medical center environment. Nurses are also required to use available medical technology to prevent mistakes and keep detailed, up-to-date patient records.

There are times when that chain of nursing responsibility falls apart, resulting in various forms of nursing negligence. These mistakes may include: poor patient monitoring; failure to communicate with doctors, patients, and other staff; shift change mistakes; not responding to patient calls; medication errors; not reading patient records or physician’s orders correctly; allowing patients to fall; and other errors that can result in serious and even deadly consequences for their patients.

The nursing malpractice attorneys at Garza & Elizondo, LLP understand that nursing mistakes do happen in various settings every day. With a network of medical experts and specialists as a point of reference, all clients are well represented to achieve the best outcome possible in nursing malpractice lawsuits.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury due to nursing negligence, call the attorneys with Garza & Elizondo, LLP to set up an initial consultation to review your claim for nursing malpractice.


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