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Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense and the State of Texas is serious about prosecuting DWI offenders. Aside from the hefty fines and potential jail time, there are also issues concerning suspension of drivers licenses.

The modern DWI attorney in Brownsville  must be well versed in Breathalyzer testing, field sobriety tests, and police procedure in order to defend clients. Additionally, there are administrative drivers license suspension hearings that are an important part of the process.

Texas employs a three strike rule where your first two DWI convictions will be for misdemeanors and your third offense becomes a felony with up to ten years in prison or more if deemed to be a habitual offender.

Even higher up the scale on driving while intoxicated offenses is intoxication manslaughter. Intoxication manslaughter occurs when an intoxicated person is involved in a car accident and kills another person. The punishment for intoxication manslaughter is up to 20 years in prison.

You should always consult a lawyer in Brownsville TX  before proceeding in any DWI case.

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