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Being a criminal defense attorney in Brownsville Texas has provided Trey with opportunities to defend persons accused of illegally possessing or distributing drugs. Trey’s clients have ranged from high level millionaire drug cartel members to spring breakers who just wanted to smoke a little marijuana on South Padre Island.

The strategies used to defend drug cases vary greatly depending on the nature of the case. Because Brownsville is on the border with Mexico, many drug possession cases are initiated when an individual is caught with drugs at the international bridge; other cases involve long term, multiple agency investigations.; and still others occur when a police officer simply smells someone smoking marijuana and decides to investigate further.

Due to the many different types of drug possession cases, a criminal defense lawyer in Brownsville TX must be well versed in both federal and state law. Often times a case that seems as if it will be prosecuted in state court ends up being transferred to the United States Attorney’s office for prosecution. Wire taps, video surveillance, sophisticated chemical analysis, and undercover agents are frequently used by law enforcement agencies in drug cases in the Rio Grande Valley.

Trey has successfully represented clients who have been prosecuted by the DEA, FBI, ICE, Border Patrol, Texas DPS, Brownsville Police Department, and other Police Departments in the Rio Grande Valley.

Trey will be the first person to tell you that drug possession cases are serious. Federal and state agencies have spent many years prosecuting drug cases and they are very good. Do not proceed in any criminal case without a Brownsville lawyer by your side.

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