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Insurance exists to protect those who purchase it against the risks they face on a daily basis. When accidents happen, whether it is a car accident, an injury, illness, or even a weather disaster that affects property, people rely on their insurance policies to cover the damages and help them recuperate and move on with their lives.

Unfortunately, because of rising costs, increasing insurance claims, and other factors, the denial of claims and a reduction of benefits have increased as well. Disputes with insurance companies have become more common over the years, leaving many policyholders ignorant of how to get their insurance companies to pay their claims.

Insurance company disputes due to breach of contract for refusal to pay a claim can leave consumers saddled with unexpected, sometimes astronomical expenses after an accident or other claimable incident. Disagreements over qualifying damages are common. When these instances seem to go against the terms of the policy or there is an unreasonable denial, it is time to discuss the matter with insurance dispute lawyers.

The attorneys at Reynaldo Garza, III are skilled negotiators who focus on reaching a fair settlement with insurance companies in cases of insurance disagreements based on claims denial and breach of contract. They are civil litigators experienced in examining insurance policy laws and rules. They will deal with insurance companies to uphold the rights of policyholders to receive the compensation outlined in insurance policies.

If you are facing problems with an insurance company and a denial of claim payments or even coverage for a loss, call the lawyers with Reynaldo Garza, III for help in handling insurance disputes!

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