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Deceptive trade practices are actions taken by a business or person with the intent of deceiving the public in order to make a sale. These practices include false advertising, tampering with vehicle odometers, false representation of used products as new, and similar actions. They may involve an individual who knowingly misrepresents something or a manufacturing company selling items known to be defective or not representative of what they promise.

Although the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) protects Texas residents against these practices, this does not stop some businesses from attempting to deceive the public. This type of fraud can lead to economic hardships, injuries, mental and emotional anguish, and other negative results. Yet many people do not realize their protection under this law or how to exercise their rights.

At Reynaldo Garza, III, our lawyers are knowledgeable about the DTPA and how it protects consumers against deceptive trade practices. We will persevere on behalf of clients who have been scammed or otherwise deceived to recover monetary and other losses based on each individual case and set of circumstances.

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