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Construction litigation deals with issues that arise over contracted construction work. Landowners or homeowners hire professional contractors to do work for them with the understanding that they are hiring skilled contractors who can deliver on promised work.

When deadlines are missed and contractors fall short of their agreements, construction disagreements often arise. Unresolved by the two parties, these conflicts may progress to requiring legal intervention for construction project disputes.

There is a range of issues that can develop into construction project disagreements. Some involve unscrupulous business practices, faulty design, or defective workmanship. Others evolve from construction contract disputes, land use issues, or environmental concerns involving architects, insurance companies, and other parties. The construction lawsuits that result could be costly and time-intensive.

The attorneys at Reynaldo Garza, III know that when people invest in a construction project, there is more than just money at stake; there could be safety and even zoning concerns. Disputes that arise in these circumstances require the attentive handling of construction dispute attorneys who are experienced with business law as it pertains to the building and construction industry.

When building projects of any size take a wrong turn and resolution cannot be reached, the experienced lawyers with Reynaldo Garza, III are prepared  to help you resolve your pending construction dispute. Call them today and set up an appointment – get the help you need!

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