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Every day, honest people have disagreements with businesses and companies over their services or products. Some of the more common disagreements include banking disputes over financial errors, contractual disagreements based on incomplete services, and insurance disputes related to denied insurance claims. When these disagreements fail to reach any kind of resolution on their own, the next step is usually litigation.

Reynaldo Garza, III understands that what is a small issue to a company or financial institution is a much larger one to the involved individual with possibly more serious consequences. He realizes that while businesses function under the advice of their own legal teams, everyday citizens may need the assistance of experienced civil litigators to resolve their issues.

Whether dealing with banking issues like credit or debit card disputes, contract disputes, deceptive trade practices issues or other disagreements, Reynaldo Garza, III is prepared to help citizens of the Brownsville area resolve business disputes, insurance claims, financial errors, and fraudulent or dishonest business practices.

The areas of Civil Litigation Law that are handled by Reynaldo Garza, III include but are not limited to:

If you are dealing with some type of business or consumer dispute that you cannot successfully resolve on your own, contact the civil litigator Reynaldo Garza, III to set up a consultation to review the facts of your civil issue!

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